H.M.T PLASTICS design & manufacture


Quality plastic piping for civil, building, agricultural, industrial & mining sectors

Our pipes are Low hydraulic resistant . Coefficient of friction . High erosion, Abarasion and Chemical resistant


The materials used in the manufacture of our plastic piping include uPVC and mPVC. HDPE are all known for their low hydraulic resistance and coefficient of friction in conjunction with high erosion, abarasion and chemical resistance. These characteristics ensure optimum flow is maintained  throughout the pipe's serviceable life. 

Unlike some of our competitive products, they remain unaffected by most corrosive fluids, domestic sewage and soils. The most outstanding feature is the freedom from contamination which often poses a serious problem to other materials.

  • Certaflo Spline-Lok tPVC pressure pipe
  • U-PVC Pipe
  • M-PVC Pipe
  • T-PVC Pipe 
  • High Impact Pipe
  • HDPE pipe


HMT produces a range of both uPVC (unplasticised PVC) and mPVC (modified PVC) piping from 32mm to 400mm diameter with pressure classes normally from 4 to 16 bars, although HMT can produce piping  that can resist  up to 25 bars. HMT has ordered and is waiting for an extrustion line that is capable of producing up to 500mm diameter PVC piping. This line will be commisioned in early 2015.

The development of mPVC utilises the optimum combination of strength and toughness. When designing pipelines the predictable performance of mPVC pipes offers a host of advantages. The unique combination of properties offered by this material is supported by rigorous performance testing against a 50 year operating life design. Over 20,000km of mPVC piping ranging in size from 50mm to 500mm diameter with pressure ratings ranging from 6 to 25 bars have been successfully installed in South Africa and it's neighbouring countries. 

HMT have the capacity to produce approximatey 6,000 tonnes of PVC piping per annum.


HMT will shortly commence the manufacture of High Density Polyethylene piping to the requirements of SABS ISO 4427. The HDPE pipes will be produced within the range of 20mm to 630mm diameter with pressure classes' ratings normally from 4 bars to 16 bars. 

HMT Plastics will have sufficient capacity to produce 5,000 tonnes of HDPE piping per annum.

HMT Plastics will aslo offer a white HDPE pipe for above ground pipeline installations. the pipe temperature remains relatively low which ensures optimum pipe material stiffness and strength levels during it's operational life. The medium conveyed also remains at lower temperatures. 

In situations where fire propagation may be at risk, i.e underground situations HMT offer a co-extruded pipe consiting of a HDPE pipe inner and fire resistant outer layer. 



Certaflo, Spline-Lok tPVC pressure pipe is a tried and tested system demonstrating a long track record in the water reticulation sector, as well as, slurry, air and various applications.


  • Pressure Classes 6,9,12,16,20 and 25 bars 
  • Working pressures 600, 900, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2500 Pa
  • Length supplied in standard 6m lengths or as per customer requirements up to 12m
  • Outside diameters constant for all classes of a given size
  • Pipe Ends / Joining Plain grooved pipe with Spline-Lok couplings complete with splines and O-ring seals


When installing uPVC, mPVC and tPVC pressure pipes, some changes in direction may be neccessary, controlled bending within accepted limits can be accommodated without the use of elbows, bends etc. This is accommodated through a combination of joint defelction and axial flexure of the pipe. The following table indicates the allowable longitudeinal bending of a 6m PVC pressure pipe excluding allowance for joint deflection.